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Each ‘ready to get started’ MaxiCloud solution is tailored to the specific industry. BPD’s deep industry knowledge has enabled us preconfigure Maximo with additional functionality and processes to build a more complete solution that we know organisations will use. As a result, MaxiCloud is up and running quicker and cheaper than a standard implementation therefore delivering value quicker across the entire enterprise.

Industry Solutions are pre-packaged with extra value including:

  • Master Data Sets (Asset Types, Classifications, Crafts, Currency Codes, Failure Codes, Measurement Units, Work Order Codes)
  • Business Process workflows to suit your industry
  • Enhanced Maximo Application Changes and Additional Fields
  • Role-based Start Centres and Simplified Screens
  • Pre-defined Security Groups and Access Control
  • Dashboards (KPIs, Reporting, Analysis)
  • ISO Standards and Industry Standards
  • Training Documentation
  • Optional Industry Benchmarking 
  • Dedicated Product Development Team
  • Backed by our global team of SMEs and local support teams. 


Underpinning the success of an airport is its operation including the effective coordination of many different stakeholders, all of which heavily rely on the airport’s facilities (including key assets and infrastructure). Therefore, as forecasted growth in the aviation sector continues to rise, it is imperative airport operators deliver a facility which can be relied upon both now and well into the future. We have developed an affordable cloud-based asset management solution specifically designed for airport operators. MaxiCloud for Airports will deliver:

  • A fully integrated approach, enabling critical assets to be managed from a single system via the cloud
  • Minimised disruption of assets – helping to maximise the ability of each asset to generate revenue for the airport
  • More robust operational flexibility
  • Reduced costs by helping drive continuous operational improvements
  • Increased passenger satisfaction by maintaining a high level of uptime of critical equipment and high quality facilities
  • Reduced unplanned downtime, improved decision making and extended asset life via Predictive Maintenance capabilities
  • Improved regulatory compliance and security measures

Container Ports

Container Ports operate a sophisticated network of cranes, straddle carriers and auxiliary equipment to load and unload containers from ships and service lorries. Equipment breakdowns can cause massive problems, delaying goods in transit and incurring heavy maintenance costs and regulatory penalties. We have developed a simple cloud-based asset management solution to enable ports to do more with less space. Use MaxiCloud for Ports to:

  • Support container crane and straddle carrier/equipment maintenance work
  • Enable engineers to diagnose problems more efficiently and take preventative measures to prevent breakdowns
  • Provide tighter control of maintenance scheduling and operating costs
  • Integrate inventory and procurement management to reduce ad hoc purchasing
  • Simplify regulatory compliance via full traceability and reporting functions

Facilities Management

With Facilities Management professionals under increasing pressure to provide sustainable buildings, the implementation of a CMMS/CAFM system can improve the Quality of Life for clients and customers in their buildings. From universities to hospitals, our solution supports those responsible for maintaining facility operations with the tools to deliver effectively and efficiently. Use MaxiCloud for Facilities Management to:

  • Collect data to support building maintenance and asset utilisation
  • Build superior management reports – tailored to your specific requirements so you can always understand the state of play at the facilities you manage
  • Achieve better quality data with cutting edge mobility solutions – have a more proactive and responsive workforce, ease administrative burdens and reduce your paper trail
  • Improve the scheduling of work to help optimise your engineer’s day and maximise their productivity
  • Support industry standards such as ISO 55000 and SFG20
  • Manage and monitor service level agreements
  • Manage and control customer billing


Manufacturers depend on their physical assets, from fleet vehicles to production facilities, to produce and deliver high quality goods and services to their customers. Each of these complex assets must be tracked, controlled and maintained to maximise production, reduce maintenance costs and improve reliability. To keep production running at full capacity, maximum value must be extracted from assets. Significant gains for lean manufacturing can be made by implementing MaxiCloud for Manufacturing:

  • Improve the scheduling of outages to meet delivery schedules, SLAs and satisfy customers
  • Extend the useful life of assets through better maintenance processes and defer new purchases to preserve capital
  • Reduce your operating expenses – streamline operations, reduce labour costs, remove excess and obsolete inventory spares, and consolidate key systems
  • Defer non-essential maintenance activities to reduce costs
  • Eliminate recurring failures and reduce changeover times to increase operational effectiveness
  • Support regulatory compliance, governance and reporting
  • Support RCM, TPM and GMP as well as alignment to the current PAS 55 asset management or future ISO 55000 standard

Offshore Wind Farms

Owners, operators and OFTOs are realising they have been slow to implement independent asset management systems to minimise downtime and maximise productivity of their expensive offshore assets. Excessive and untimely repairs and upkeep threaten farm efficiency and revenues. We have developed a solution to help maximise energy generation as well as lower operational costs by avoiding any expensive failures. Use MaxiCloud for Offshore Wind to:

  • Support asset and work management, supply chain, maintenance and HSE whether under construction, operational, under warranty or out of warranty
  • Deliver value when assets are under warranty including tracking spare parts usage by the OEM
  • Integrate with Advanced Condition Monitoring
  • Provide full tracking of rotating assets in and out of service
  • Manage warranties, warranty claims and work done under warranty
  • Enable full compliance with industry and company-specific HSE standards
  • Weather calendar and planned work ‘roll forward’ function
  • Analyse asset and work history with in-built reporting
  • Integrate with corporate ERP or financial systems including SAP and Oracle

Oil and Gas

With a global reliance on energy and a sustained period of low oil prices, the Oil and Gas industry must ensure their critical assets are maintained in line with safety, production and legislative requirements while driving down costs. Standardising asset management in accordance with best practice is crucial in this aggressive environment. Through the increased management of the maintenance and integrity status of operated assets, you will realise better business outcomes prioritised by Health and Safety performance standards. Use MaxiCloud for Oil and Gas to:

  • Support early solution delivery for time-critical asset transitions and first oil/gas
  • Understand best practices to help improve the productivity and efficiency of critical assets
  • Manage each asset’s life cycle including acquisition, work management, inventory control, purchasing and preventive maintenance
  • Specifically address the specialised industry concerns such as failure codes, asset specifications, location details, prioritisation matrix, regulatory compliance and condition for work
  • Help reduce cost and facilitate and automate common business processes such as management of change, permit to work, operators log, downtime reporting and work order tracking
  • Improve maintenance planning and scheduling to reduce downtime, wastage, backlog, repairs and unused inventory
  • Easily integrate into most existing business systems
  • Access BPD’s Manifesting application – meet legal requirements for shipping manifests with no additional development work
  • Mitigate risk through mandatory Risk & Quality Assessments prioritised according to HSE standards
  • Encourage ownership and accountability using role-based Start Centres


Estates are one of a university’s largest assets and are key in enabling a high-quality experience for students. It is therefore no surprise that building, operating, and maintaining facility space is a growing proportion of annual university budget. To maximise this cost, a holistic approach to maintenance and asset management is critical. Use MaxiCloud for Universities to:

  • Identify the gaps between institutional requirements and current facilities management systems and processes
  • Formalise and complete the Asset Register – capture all the assets by asset group requiring maintenance over their asset lifecycle
  • Proactively collect data on all buildings and assets with including work order management, purchasing, inventory management, (capital) project tracking and cost tracking
  • Transform legacy CAD data into an information-rich model such as BIM, preparing the data for renovations and retrofits as well as getting valuable models back for facilities management use
  • Integrate with Operational Systems – when campus space and asset data reside in one place, estates teams enjoy higher rates of indirect cost recovery, better information for strategic planning, increased chargebacks for grants and better insights into maintenance needs
  • Deploy mobility for detailed asset capture and full works management
  • Sync the Asset Register for O&M costs and repair analysis with the Fixed Asset Register for financial (depreciation/replacement spend) and funding/investment purposes

Cloud and Proud

“The decision to opt for MaxiCloud was straightforward. As an organization we are focused on power production and not IT. Maximo is a specialism we would sooner leave to the experts, BPD Zenith.”

Graham Daws, Production Manager London Array

“With BPD Zenith managing Maximo, it is saving me personally 4 to 5 hours a month and probably 99.9% of the time they are handling technical support issues that we don’t have the skills or capacity to handle.”

Matt Lyons, IT Manager Australian Maritime Systems

“MaxiCloud allowed us to take advantage of all the benefits of an EAM solution and put our business in a stronger, more competitive position for years to come – without the need to hire additional support resources to manage it all.”

Bob Smillie, Maintenance Manager Port Otago Limited

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