MaxiCloud extends across many functional areas and stops at no boundaries
to help you future-proof your EAM

Maximise Your Maximo

Having started on your journey to asset management maturity with the MaxiCloud Base Solution, you can now select from a set of additional modules to future-proof your EAM capability. Below is an overview of the full MaxiCloud solution set which provides a roadmap and growth plan for many years to come.


MaxiCloud can be extended to include additional functional areas including:

  • Dashboards, KPIs, Ad-hoc Reporting
  • Planning and Scheduling
  • Mobility and RFID
  • Mapping
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Asset Investment Optimisation Integration
  • Web Portal Capability (Outside Data Sets including Weather, Tidal, Traffic)
  • Integration with other Business Systems (Finance, GIS, SCADA, Production)
  • Space and Lease Management

Reporting Dashboards

Boasting an extensive library of pre-packaged reports and dashboards with drill down capability, this powerful enterprise tool helps you to perform a deeper analysis of asset data. If you know your stuff, you can make more informed decisions!

Mobile Solutions

With an integrated mobility solution, your technicians can use MaxiCloud on the go even while disconnected. Whether the task at hand is preventative maintenance, compliance or repairs in the field, we’ll get you moving to empower your mobile workforce.

Planning & Scheduling

With a scheduling tool, Planners can view upcoming work graphically and compare or adjust resource availability accordingly. Dispatchers can graphically monitor field technicians, work in progress, and status with mapping capabilities. Field Technicians can receive work and provide real-time status updates to the Dispatcher. Knowing your plan will ensure maximum productivity and workforce utilisation.

Predictive Analytics

Your data can help predict the future of your business. With predictive analytics at your disposal, you’ll be able to accurately predict where, when and why asset failures are likely to occur. By predicting the future, you’ll have the power to reduce your maintenance costs and equipment downtime.


The power of MaxiCloud is its ability to integrate with other key applications, either within your business or with external systems. By keeping you connected to the systems that matter most, you’ll have a comprehensive view of your entire enterprise.

Web Portal Capability

Incorporate real-time data sets and sensor information including the Weather, Tidal and Traffic.


With our range of impressive business partnerships, we’ve got you covered. Our complementary solutions are helping us to extend the capabilities of MaxiCloud. This is future-proofing your EAM.

Datasplice’s mobile solutions are easy to implement, have connected and disconnected modes, and can run on any device.

PowerPlan’s Asset Investment Optimisation solution helps organisations strategically and holistically plan the management of and investments in their assets throughout the assets’ lifecycle.

Element Blue incorporates real time data feeding portals – particularly those involving weather and tidal information.

Solufy’s vScheduler tool is a user friendly, flexible and powerful planning and scheduling solution.

Presidion helps to predict asset failure so your organisation can avoid costly downtime and reduce maintenance costs.

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