MaxiCloud extends across many functional areas and stops at no boundaries
to create a modern Asset Management solution.

Maximise Your Maximo

Having started on your journey to asset management maturity with the MaxiCloud Base Solution, you can now select from a set of additional modules to extend your capability. Below is an overview of the full MaxiCloud solution set which provides a roadmap and growth plan for many years to come.

MaxiCloud can be extended to include additional functional areas including:

  • Dashboards, KPIs, Ad-hoc Reporting
  • Planning and Scheduling
  • Mobility and RFID
  • Mapping
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Integration with other systems (Finance, GIS, SCADA, Production)
  • Web Portal Capability (Outside Data Sets including Weather, Tidal, Traffic)
  • Space and Lease Management
  • Project Management
  • Energy Management

Cognos Reporting Dashboards

MaxiCloud has an extensive library of pre-packaged Cognos reports and dashboards with drill down capability. These powerful enterprise tools enable you to perform a deeper analysis of visualisation of the asset data to make better, more informed decisions.


Mobile Solutions

With an integrated solution, MaxiCloud can go wherever you do. Put asset-related information in the hands of your users no matter your location. And mobile workers can access the data they need regardless of their network connectivity.

Planning & Scheduling

Organise and prioritise existing Work Orders and assign tasks to your workforce, while viewing the availability of your Labours, Crafts, Crews, Person Groups and Tools.

Predictive Analytics

Your data can help predict the future of your business. Predict where, when, and why asset failures are likely to occur to reduce maintenance costs and downtime.


Designed to integrate seamlessly with other existing applications, either within your business or with external systems.

Web Portal Capability

Incorporate real-time data sets and sensor information including the Weather, Tidal and Traffic.


Our team of trusted Partners are helping us to customise, enhance and integrate MaxiCloud. We are constantly improving our offering and it is only going to get more efficient with the more capabilities we explore.

Element Blue incorporates real time data feeding portals – particularly those involving weather and tidal information.

Solufy’s vScheduler tool is a user friendly, flexible and powerful planning and scheduling solution.

Datasplice’s mobile solutions are easy to implement, have connected and disconnected modes, and can run on any device.

Presidion helps to predict asset failure so your organisation can avoid costly downtime and reduce maintenance costs.

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