Keep your most critical assets and resources
operating at maximum efficiency

From asset management and reporting to mobile productivity and support,
only MaxiCloud gives organisations the full breadth of capabilities
they need to transform their data into smarter maintenance practices.

MaxiCloud Base Solution

MaxiCloud is the ideal starting point for asset management. It enables you to add modules, solutions, and additional configurations as your requirements mature, ensuring that you have the system and processes in place to drive the best possible outcomes for your business. Here are some of the best capabilities available to all MaxiCloud users:

  Maximise the value of every asset 
Use timely and accurate information to make better decisions about how your physical assets are deployed, managed and operated.

  Load data fast
Quickly build data and load your Assets, Locations and Users using our simple MaxiCloud Questionnaire.

  Data you can trust
Avoid bad data with Master Data Sets including Currency Codes, Craft, Asset Classifications and Failure Hierarchies.

  Empower end users with training
Become fluent with the system and understand MaxiCloud in the context of your day-to-day job with end user training plans.

  Go further with a dedicated Help Desk
Access a telephone support desk for all software or hardware related issues. This includes bug fixes as well as keeping the software up to date.

  Bring your asset data to life
Support decision making and put key metrics in the hands of the users. Create personalised BIRT and Cognos reports, and view role-based dashboards.

  Empower field workers with mobility
Boost productivity across your organisation by extending data access to your teams in the field.

  Reduce risk of system downtime
Enjoy an availability guarantee of >99.99% plus airtight security, fully managed backups and data recovery services.

Affordable Monthly Subscription

We will provide a secure instance of MaxiCloud through a monthly subscription determined by user volume and the selected modules or industry solutions. Our low entry cost includes a fully provisioned production environment and a pre-designed approach to getting you set up quickly with your data loaded and users trained. MaxiCloud is a one-stop-shop for all your Maximo needs.


Shared Cloud

If you choose the Multi-Tenanted Applications Server, you will share the same cloud environment as other MaxiCloud customers, but your data will remain separate. This is an ideal place to start for small to mid-tier organisations whose requirements may grow over time.


Private Cloud

If you choose a Standalone Application Server, you will have a separate instance of MaxiCloud. Large organisations with complex requirements may require a private cloud environment to comply with security policies and regulations.

Cloud and Proud

“The decision to opt for MaxiCloud was straightforward. As an organization we are focused on power production and not IT. Maximo is a specialism we would sooner leave to the experts, BPD Zenith.”

Graham Daws, Production Manager London Array

“With BPD Zenith managing Maximo, it is saving me personally 4 to 5 hours a month and probably 99.9% of the time they are handling technical support issues that we don’t have the skills or capacity to handle.”

Matt Lyons, IT Manager Australian Maritime Systems

“MaxiCloud allowed us to take advantage of all the benefits of an EAM solution and put our business in a stronger, more competitive position for years to come – without the need to hire additional support resources to manage it all.”

Bob Smillie, Maintenance Manager Port Otago Limited

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