Your assets have a voice! Are you listening?

Your assets are key to your business. They span numerous industries and range from sockets to rockets.
But here's the thing. Your assets have a voice! Are you listening?

Asset Intensive Industries

Your assets are key to your business. These assets are typically physical in nature. They can operate up to 24 hours a day, or in some cases, simply on demand. They span numerous industries and range from small simple assets performing discrete jobs, to very large complex assets. But here is the thing. Your assets have a voice! They send us messages and signals every day they work. But are we listening to them? And more importantly, should we be?

assets have a voice

Asset Health

Most businesses don’t really understand the true health of their assets. And even when using an asset management system, they’re often only partially implemented and rarely integrated with other systems such as finance. Businesses are thereby missing a major opportunity to capitalise on the investments made in their critical assets.

Just like human health, without regular monitoring and inspection, wear and tear is not detected and ultimately these assets fail. In some cases this can be catastrophic, sometimes with a human impact, and almost certainly with a financial cost. It seems that we can spend millions of dollars on buying new assets, but can’t justify the cents to maintain the ones we already have! The wastage spent by some companies can be quite staggering. As a shareholder or financially interested party, wouldn’t this be a major concern? What if your asset life cycle could be extended?

How can we help?

BPD Zenith’s MaxiCloud solution is your first step towards giving your assets a voice. It’s open architecture, advanced analytics capability, ease of integration, and built in smarts, enables you to begin “listening” to what your assets are saying.

From these asset insights, proactive maintenance strategies can be developed to further improve the asset health. This includes extending their life cycle and revenue generating capability, and minimising the large Capital Investments required when assets have failed dramatically due to our lack of listening. Coupled with our proven rapid deployment methodology, you will be starting your asset management journey quickly and aligned with industry best practice.

So tune in your ears – listen – and you will hear. You no longer have excuses. Smart businesses are full of smart people who are listening to all the different ways they can improve collaboration between asset performance, operations and maintenance.

MaxiCloud – the first step on your asset management continuous improvement journey, improved financial position and reduced risk profile.

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