Port Otago – MaxiCloud cuts reactive maintenance by 50%!

A strategic approach to the future with MaxiCloud for Ports

Port Otago

Port Otago struggled with a basic asset management system whose lack of functionality and non-integration with other critical business systems created inefficiencies. With incomplete performance data and information in various locations, it became frustrating and time consuming for the Maintenance Manager to support efficient maintenance planning and accurate budgeting. Port Otago also lacked a reliable inventory management system. It was common to place orders for a component from a European supplier only to discover, just a few days later, that they needed additional items or different quantities from the same company. This forced Port Otago to be very reactive with their purchasing activities which drove up costs and impacted their ability to reliably plan and coordinate work.

MaxiCloud has enabled Port Otago to make significant progress towards its goal of a modern inventory base. Simply, it was a strategic approach to the future. The maintenance crew can now approach routine planned tasks with the confidence that the necessary spares are available. By reducing reactive maintenance and ad hoc purchasing, Port Otago are already forecasting substantial cost and organisational savings with MaxiCloud.


  • Reversed the ‘planned versus reactive maintenance’ work mix from 30% planned vs 70% reactive to 60% planned vs 40% reactive
  • Time and costs savings from new streamlined inventory purchase and management processes
  • Productivity gains from timely access to spare parts for maintenance crews
  • Improved reliability with complete asset performance reporting
  • Reduced replacement costs from extending asset life
  • Change in maintenance work mix enables more cost-efficient planned activities
  • Increased safety compliance with work orders providing statutory records and hazard reminders

“MaxiCloud gives us the benefits of enterprise asset management, while minimising the IT overheads.”

– Bob Smillie, Maintenance Manager, Port Otago Limited

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