A major oil and gas producer saves
$478,000 with Industry Accelerator model

Our Industry Accelerator for Oil & Gas can be implemented out-of-the-box on premise
or in the Cloud using a MaxiCloud model.

Oil and Gas Producer

In the production of oil and natural gas, the primary concerns are the performance and safety of operations. However, a lack of integration among the company’s systems made it difficult to manage maintenance schedules. Thus, they had large backlogs of regulatory and maintenance work.

Without full visibility and coordination across these areas, the company could not keep equipment running smoothly to avoid problems and failures that could interrupt production, cause a safety hazard or violate regulations.

BPD provided a best practice work management solution. With an automated workflow for all maintenance activity, the company can track assets and incidents, analyse equipment failures and identify safety risks. Greater visibility helps the company predict why equipment fails and when it is likely to fail. As a result, technicians can resolve problems faster and support smarter, more efficient preventive maintenance programs.


  • Saved USD478,000 in labor costs in the first seven weeks by automating work orders, operational planning and scheduling
  • Shortened the lifecycle of facility change records by 80 percent with automated workflow – from 273 to 54 days
  • Doubled the number of facility change records in the system – from 82 to 188 – with better asset tracking

Instrumented – The solution automatically tracks maintenance and inspection history, creating work orders for corrective, emergency and preventive activities. In a future phase of the project, the solution will collect data from equipment sensors and generate malfunction alerts.

Interconnected – By providing a single platform for the management of assets, maintenance and operations, the solution helps the company facilitate greater collaboration, automate workflow and streamline processes across departments for more efficient, productive oil facilities.

Intelligent – The solution accumulates data throughout the lifecycles of all incidents and change requests. This allows the company to analyse equipment failures and safety risks. Improved visibility helps to uncover patterns in the data, making it easier to identify root causes and develop effective preventive maintenance plans.

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