Moving to MaxiCloud has big benefits. Discover how easy it is to move from Maximo on premise to the cloud.

Assessing your system

Moving to MaxiCloud is simple. But before we can bring you over to the cloud, we need to understand a few things about your current Maximo system.

The Maximo version you are running gives us an idea of how far you have to go to get to the latest product version. Software upgrades can be hefty and expensive for your business. With the cloud, you get access to the latest and greatest functionality. MaxiCloud is currently running on Maximo version

We need to know which database servers you use and the number of instances. MaxiCloud provides a production instance as standard. We can add test and development instances for an additional cost. We also need to understand which tool you use for reporting to ensure that your chosen reporting tool is available and configured for use. MaxiCloud comes with two very capable reporting tools: BIRT and Cognos, and includes pre-built reports for your industry.

IBM will not allow customers to trade in their perpetual Maximo licenses for a SaaS service provided by a 3rd party, however you will retain title to your old Maximo licenses. After assessing your entitlement and by determining which license types meet your particular needs, we can ensure that you have the optimal functionality for all users and best value. BPD can help put together the best package for your business while meeting compliance rules.

Understanding your motivations and objectives for buying Maximo is an essential part of the process. It is unlikely that you bought Maximo to spend your days administering it! That’s why we do all the heavy lifting so that you can improve asset reliability, decrease downtime, and focus on your original business goals.

Once we have all of this information, we can assess the state of your current system. It may be necessary to leave behind some of what has gone before, for example: customisation and poor data management. While seeming like a large undertaking, this approach presents you with the opportunity to take advantage of advances in technology and most significantly of the inherent efficiencies possible with the cloud.

Building a business case for cloud

Reduce costs

There are many cost justifications to support a move to the cloud including cash flow, infrastructure, software, security and support. The cost of operating your current on premise system is likely to be both expensive and complex. For businesses that are trying to conserve money, the cash flow benefits of cloud can be substantial. With SaaS, costs are reduced and shifted from CapEx to OpEx, which save money and look better on financial statements.

Running on premise has many upfront costs associated with a successful software stack including databases, operating systems, VMware, and servers. Not to mention annual maintenance costs which are typically 20% of the original cost. With MaxiCloud, we take care of the software licensing, compliance and renewals for you.

IT Support

From an IT perspective, Maximo database administration can take up a large percentage of time and requires specialist skill sets. With Maximo on premise it is very difficult to stay current with patches, fixes and upgrades. By moving to the cloud, you’re paying your provider to liberate your teams and always keep the product current. As a result, you have competitive advantage.

Disaster Recovery is best left to the experts. Very few customers will have taken a backup copy and tried to restore a functional Maximo system. Storing data offsite is not enough. You need to be able to recover and recreate a system in the event of a disaster. Our MaxiCloud Data Centres are proven to bring systems back up in a separate physical location.


With frequently publicised hacking and malware attacks, businesses are very aware of the need for robust security and compliance. You need a physical security system plus firewalls, intrusion detection, denial of service and malware protection. Therefore security is a core requirement for MaxiCloud. Our chosen Data Centres invest significantly in security which is typically safer than what most businesses could provide with an on premise system.

Moving to MaxiCloud

Once you have decided to move to the cloud, we will run a series of workshops with you to establish initiation and set up configuration items. We will also handover our MaxiCloud Master Data Templates and Guidelines. Change Management and role-based training may be a big part of the transition depending on the product leap. We will also cover your MaxiCloud roadmap and any additional functionality or business initiatives that you would like to realise on your asset management journey. Once everyone agrees on the best way forward, we can quickly move you over to MaxiCloud where the real magic happens.

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