What is MaxiCloud?

For asset-intensive industries, enterprise asset management is critical to the health of an organisation. It can help extend the useful life of equipment, improve return on investment and defer new purchases. Many businesses however are simply not able to pay for the big bang approach and stay with their paper-based systems and homegrown solutions.

Don’t delay any longer! BPD Zenith’s MaxiCloud is cheaper way to modernise your asset management system. MaxiCloud provides an affordable, cloud-based Maximo solution which eliminates the cost and complexity of traditional implementations. We also provide industry accelerator templates and master data so that you can get started in weeks not months.

The base solution starts with the Asset Management component. As you mature on your journey, you can extend into additional functionality if required.


The Asset Management Journey

With all types of assets underpinning service delivery – facilities, infrastructure, plant, production and transportation – it is critical that they are well maintained and performing efficiently. By implementing MaxiCloud, businesses are able to increase asset performance and profitability, support safety initiatives, and ensure regulatory compliance.

Having a solid Asset Management strategy with supporting policies and practices delivers tangible business benefits including:

  • Reduced asset failures and downtime (via real-time data options and analytics)
  • Improved asset performance and availability
  • Effective utilisation of resources (Labour, Materials, Inventory, Tools, Contractors)
  • Proactive maintenance Planning and Scheduling
  • Lower organisational risk
  • Efficient service delivery (faster, more accurate response)
  • Lower overall IT cost
  • Streamlined manual processes (workflow)

Where are you on the Asset Management Maturity Curve?


MaxiCloud can assist you on your journey towards Predictive Maintenance.

Understanding Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is a consumption and delivery model in which applications, data, and IT resources are rapidly provided as standardised offerings via the internet.  The aim of the cloud is to allow users to benefit from technology, without the need for specialist skills. This cuts costs and helps users to focus on their core business instead of routine IT obstacles. Cloud computing provides all of its resources as services, and makes use of the well-established standards and best practices.

MaxiCloud is based upon the above approach, and enables you to get up and running faster and cheaper than any on premise Maximo implementation could achieve!

Key Cloud Benefits:

  • Ease of use – MaxiCloud comes with the same look and feel as Maximo with role-based start centres.
  • Reduced Time to Benefit – The cloud makes it easier to quickly and flexibly deploy solutions. This reduces time spent installing and configuring MaxiCloud.
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership – With SaaS, your internal IT costs are eliminated for hardware, software, and support.
  • Painless upgrades – With BPD managing software updates and upgrades, there are no patches for you to download and install.
  • Scalability – BPD manages the availability, so there’s no need for you to add hardware, software, or bandwidth as your user base grows.
  • Staying connected ­– MaxiCloud is available from any computer or device, anywhere, at any time via the Internet.
  • Integration – Easy integration with existing ERP systems or other business applications. We also offer customisation to meet your specific needs.
  • Security Your data is housed in a secure Data Center, meeting stringent industry standards. The system is backed up daily and is much safer in the cloud than on your computer.
  • Simplicity BPD manage your licensing headaches including compliance and continual improvement.

What do I get with MaxiCloud?

BPD will provide a secure instance of MaxiCloud incorporating:

  • Maximo software that has been configured and extended to deliver best-practice maintenance and operations for your industry.
  • The provision and operation of the physical and software infrastructure that is needed to deliver scalability, flexibility and reliability to your organisation.
  • A full support service, including a Telephone Support Desk that responds to all issues relating to the service: whether software or hardware related. This includes responding to and fixing any bugs as well as keeping the software up to date.


  • Production Application Server
  • Database Server
  • Test Application Server (additional cost)
  • Development Application Server (additional cost)


  • IBM Maximo (+ Industry Solution where appropriate)
  • Any Maximo Add-Ons as requested (additional cost)

Master Data

  • Pre-populated Currency Codes, Crafts, Asset Classifications, Failure Hierarchy

BPD Zenith Base Configuration Items

  • As per each Industry Solution – Simplified Applications, KPIs, Dashboards, Queries, Pre-built Connected Mobile Screens

BPD Zenith Intellectual Property

  • Oil and Gas Industry Accelerator Solution (IBM SVP Accredited)
  • Logistics / Manifesting solution

Support Service

  • Telephone help-desk available during normal office hours for service related issues and MaxiCloud support (additional cost for 24 x 7)
  • Fully managed backup and recovery service
  • Upgrades, patches and bug fixes

Data Loading

  • Data Loading Templates (Master Data, Asset Register)

Solution Guides

  • Overview Guide
  • Set-up Guide & Questionnaire
  • Configuration Guide
  • Business Process List
  • Predefined User Roles
  • Business Case Guide

Initiation & Setup Workshop

  • Workshop to establish initiation and setup configuration items
  • Handover of Master Data Templates and Guidelines


  • Specific Training Guides
  • Training available (additional cost)


  • System integration with Finance, Geographic Information System, SCADA etc. (Additional cost – to be determined on a case by case basis).

Industry Solutions

With our Industry Solutions, you can realise even faster Time to Value by extending MaxiCloud with new industry flavors, features and functionality. MaxiCloud is currently available for the following industries:

  • Oil & Gas
  • Facilities Management (Service Providers, Universities, Schools, Hospitals)
  • Ports
  • Airports
  • Transportation (Roads, Fleets)
  • Offshore Wind
  • Manufacturing
  • Water Utilities
  • Energy Utilities

System Initiation & Setup

When a Client decides to move to MaxiCloud, BPD Zenith will provision the solution and provide user access according to the roles defined for that industry.

In order to correctly initialise the solution, a workshop is normally required with the Client to gather the required information that will be used in this stage. The completion of the “MaxiCloud Setup Guide Questionnaire” document provides the initial detail required to setup the solution.

Once the initial setup has been completed, the next step is to undertake the collection of your Master Data and prepare this for loading into the system. Our technicians can assist you with ensuring quality data is imported to the solution.

Once the solution has the data populated, we will run workshops using your data to train you in the features and functionality of the solution. Once the training is completed, your journey can begin!

Additional BPD Zenith Functionality

Having enjoyed a long history with the Maximo product, BPD Zenith has been able to engage with Clients in many sectors and has designed additional functionality that users in particular industries have found useful.

One example of this is our Manifesting solution which has been developed to meet the requirements of offshore Oil and Gas and Energy companies. As part of our Oil and Gas solution, we include this capability. Another example is an Asbestos Register developed for Facilities Management organisations.

Other functionality is included in various industry solutions.

Master Data Management & Quality

A system is only as good as the data entered into it and the rules that surround that data entry. Too often, we see Clients implement a system only to find out a year or two down the line that their data quality is suffering. They spend too much time fixing “bad” data (data that is incomplete or inaccurate), ignoring data, or worse still, basing decisions off it. This presents a huge opportunity for improvement and knowledge growth for the organisation.

This is why BPD has predefined and standardised major data elements and rules for your industry in MaxiCloud. Now you can avoid making common mistakes and use your data for real business insights and informed decision making.

Get a head start on your Asset Management journey with some of our key elements:

Quality Assurance Dashboards

We have pre-designed Quality Assurance Dashboards in our reporting suite. These dashboards alert users if there is bad or missing data in the system.

Industry Asset Classifications (Types)

BPD recognises that different industries have different Asset Classifications and Types as part of their production, manufacturing or service processes. As such, we aim to pre-populate the MaxiCloud solution with your industry’s set of Asset Classifications and Types. We already have a substantial list per industry which continues to grow as new knowledge comes to hand.

Each Asset Classification (effectively Type) has its own unique code irrespective of the industry it is used in. Within each Classification, a Client can determine each Sub-Classification it wishes to use.

Using this approach Clients can elect to “benchmark” themselves against similar industry users, or even outside of their industry, in order to see how their assets are preforming relative to others. BPD Zenith will only release information if the Clients approves us to do so and the data will remain anonymous as required.

Industry Failure Codes

Failure Codes are used to illustrate why an asset failed or the reason that the asset failed. They can be a number which is cross referenced to a list of actual code descriptions or a series of alphanumeric characters that are a logical abbreviation of their descriptions.

Technicians will input the Failure Codes at the time of failure or when closing the work order.

BPD has created a list of standard Failure Codes for the Asset Classifications (Types) we have recorded. We have also included reporting capability via Cognos Dashboards and Reports to easily review and analyse equipment failures or breakdowns.

Within each industry, Asset Classifications (Types) have related Failure Classes and Failure Hierarchies.
Various “rules” have been created inside MaxiCloud to ensure that when reactive work is closed out, the proper failure reporting occurs. This will enable Clients to leverage advanced failure analysis using tools such as the ARMS Reliability Workbench suite or the AssetFuture add-on to MaxiCloud.

The use of Failure Cause Codes and Fault Codes requires commitment and effort from management to ensure that recording practices and appreciation of the causes of failure are reliable.

The capture / reporting of asset or component failure dates, along with component failure causes, enables you to undertake some basic reliability analysis. With failure dates of assets or components, you can use timeline plots to predict component failures. The failure dates of equipment also allows you to do analysis to forecast equipment failures. Knowing when an expensive failure will happen justifies investigating the causes to remove the failure before it happens. You can then apply Root Cause Analysis to target the expensive problems.

Failure Code vs. Downtime Reporting

We measure our maintenance performance by looking at our downtime. However, not all downtime is a result of failures and not all failures result in downtime.

Organisations need to know the reasons for downtime so that they can put together a strategy for minimising the cause. With MaxiCloud, you can log Failure Codes as well as Downtime Codes. The structure of these codes is very industry and process dependent and there may be some overlap. The key thing to remember is that the downtime is primarily an operational concern whereas failures are for maintenance.

Industry Work Order Codes

Includes Standard Work Order Codes.

Currency Codes

Includes pre-populated Currency Codes according to ISO 4217.

Training Documents and Videos

BPD Zenith has a series of training documents for MaxiCloud available for Client use.

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