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What is MaxiCloud?

MaxiCloud is the simple and affordable cloud-based asset management solution from BPD Zenith. It has been pre-built for your specific industry and provides all the capability of industry-leading Enterprise Asset Management Solution IBM Maximo Asset Management (Gartner, 2015). As a result, MaxiCloud removes the time and cost of setting up a world class Maximo system to give you a head start.

Is MaxiCloud available for my industry?

MaxiCloud is currently available for the following industries:

  • Oil and Gas
  • Ports
  • Airports
  • Offshore Wind Farms
  • Facilities Management (Service Providers)

What is included with MaxiCloud?

We will provide a secure instance of MaxiCloud with the same core functionality as Maximo. The base solution starts with the Asset Management component. As you mature on your journey, you can extend into additional functionality if required.

MaxiCloud is a complete service incorporating:

  • IBM Maximo Asset Management software that has been configured and extended to deliver best-practice maintenance and operations for your industry.
  • The Provision and Operation of the physical and software infrastructure that is needed to deliver a highly secure and reliable service to your organisation.
  • A full support service, including a Telephone Support Desk that responds to all issues relating to the service: whether software or hardware related. This includes responding to and fixing any bugs as well as keeping the software up to date.

Is there a demo available?

Yes, please contact us for a live demo via our Request a Demo page. We look forward to showing you around our MaxiCloud solution.

How often are updates released?

With MaxiCloud, upgrades, patches and fixes are wrapped up in the service. Hence, new MaxiCloud users will go straight to Maximo version 7.6 and minor patches and fixes will be applied to the client’s instance regularly. When BPD Zenith upgrades to a major release, this is rolled out to all MaxiCloud users.


How much does it cost?

MaxiCloud is priced per named user, per month. Price is dependent upon user volume, user role, the functionality required and whether or not you require Industry Solutions or Add-Ons.

What is the minimum contract term for MaxiCloud?

The minimum contract term for MaxiCloud is a 12 month subscription.

What are the potential savings if I subscribe to MaxiCloud?

With MaxiCloud, your internal IT costs are eliminated for hardware, software, and support as well on-going costs like maintenance and upgrades. Plus, you pay as you go based on usage. This makes MaxiCloud up to 1/3 cheaper than an on premise Maximo implementation.

Because we use an out-of-the-box approach, delivery times typically drop by 80% therefore improving Return on Investment – both ‘time to value’ and actual return.

Is MaxiCloud cheaper than a Maximo upgrade?

Yes. The average on premise upgrade can cost anywhere from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands depending upon the configuration of the Maximo environment. Integrations can also significantly add to the cost of a Maximo upgrade project. With MaxiCloud, upgrades, patches and fixes are wrapped up for free. Any costs associated with upgrading, configurations and integrations that are not part of the particular MaxiCloud Industry Solution is at additional cost.

Can I trade in my existing Maximo licenses?

No. IBM will not allow Clients to trade in their perpetual IBM Maximo licenses for a SaaS service provided by a 3rd party such as BPD Zenith. However, you will retain title to your old Maximo licenses.

How will license compliance be ensured and monitored?

It is our experience that the vast majority of Clients work hard to ensure that they are compliant. However, this can sometimes be a difficult and time-consuming exercise. With MaxiCloud, BPD Zenith will manage your licensing, ensuring you are always in compliance, with an optimal holding based on roles within your organisation.

When I subscribe to MaxiCloud, do I own the IBM Maximo licenses?

No. MaxiCloud is a subscription service where BPD Zenith grants access to BPD’s MaxiCloud service which incorporates BPD-owned Maximo licenses.


What about redundancy and backups?

Your data is housed in a secure Data Centre thus meeting stringent industry standards. The Data Centres have fully redundant power and cooling, internet backbone and hardware. Regular tests of the infrastructure are conducted to ensure that it will perform in the event of an emergency. Our cloud infrastructure allows hardware failover and maintenance to occur with no interruption to the application. Your data is backed up daily and weekly. Data is maintained onsite with backup tapes stored offsite.

Are there provisions for Disaster Recovery?

Our Data Centres have Business Continuity Plans in place in the event of a disaster at any of our locations. In the event of a disaster, Clients can relocate their data quickly to one of the multiple Workplace Recovery suites and return to operations quickly.

How secure is MaxiCloud?

We use https for secure encrypted connections to MaxiCloud. We actively monitor the servers for any unusual activity and are constantly improving the security aspects of the system. All Data Centers used for MaxiCloud must be certified ISO-27001 compliant.

Will my instance be on the same server as others?

You have 2 choices: a Standalone Application Server, or a Multi-Tenanted Applications Server. If you choose the Standalone Application Server, you will have a separate instance of MaxiCloud. If you choose the Multi-Tenanted Applications Server, you will share the same Application Server as other “tenants” but your data will be separate. (Note: Multi-Tenants are housed in an IBM DB2 database.  Although MS SQL Server and Oracle are supported databases with core Maximo, Maximo’s multi-tenancy capability requires DB2.)


Is 24 x 7 support available?

Yes, for an additional charge. Support is one of the most important aspects of our business and we are committed to resolving issues as quickly as possible with minimal business interruption. BPD Zenith has a global support team to provide Level I support, with local support teams providing Level II and III support to all MaxiCloud Clients.

What SLAs can global users expect?

BPD Zenith has a standard Service Level Agreement which incorporates 3 levels of incidents and a 4th level for change requests. Each of these has response time targets. MaxiCloud also offers an infrastructure uptime availability guarantee of 99.99%. Please ask to see a full copy of our MaxiCloud SLA for further details.

General FAQs

How soon can I be up and running?

MaxiCloud enables you to get up and running faster and cheaper than any on premise implementation could achieve. BPD Zenith can install an instance of MaxiCloud as quickly as 24 hours. Typically, we would expect you to have a production Maximo system with live operation in around 6-8 weeks, thus enabling you to get an early return on your investment. This contrasts to a typical Maximo implementation project of between 6 and 15 months.

Can I migrate my existing data to MaxiCloud?

Yes. BPD Zenith are experienced in using a Data Migration Methodology to import legacy data into new systems.

How easy is it to go back to on premise? What happens if I terminate my subscription?

The data is always the Clients, so you can take the database at any time. You would need to install your own Maximo system (same version) on premise, in order to be able to access the data and you would need to buy your own Maximo licenses. If you do choose to terminate your subscription, BPD Zenith will provide a copy of your database and delete your data from its systems.

What about customisation?

Customisation will be determined on a case by case basis and will attract additional services costs for re-installing and testing before we certify them as being stable.

Will MaxiCloud interface with my in-house applications?

Yes. Integration to your internal applications is available from MaxiCloud at an additional cost.

Can I use my own reporting tool?

Yes. However, MaxiCloud comes with two very capable reporting tools: BIRT Ad-hoc Report Writing capability and Cognos Business Intelligence 10.2.1. Our solution includes pre-built reports for your industry. If you were to select your own tool, it could be an expensive exercise to recreate all of the in-built reports and dashboards.

Can I make screen modifications?

Yes, potentially. This depends on your internal level of Maximo Administration skill. Where a Client has a knowledgeable Maximo resource that has skills required to develop or adjust screens then we can make the Application Designer available to you. However if you don’t, we would suggest you contact BPD Zenith so we can undertake this work for you as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Is MaxiCloud compatible with Mobile?

Yes, MaxiCloud is compatible with many mobile solutions. MaxiCloud (based on IBM Maximo 7.6) includes a free connected mobile solution called Maximo Everyplace. Alternatively we can implement your mobile solution of choice for an additional charge.

What is the performance like?

BPD Zenith monitors MaxiCloud with performance enhancing tools which automatically send notifications when criteria is breached. We also guarantee that the system availability is >99.99% uptime in a given month, guaranteeing high availability and reliability of the application.

When will you have a consultant available to start the project?

BPD Zenith assigns project resources once all agreements are signed and purchase information is received. A project resources is assigned on a first come first served basis.

Do you have more questions? Get in touch.

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