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Australian Maritime Systems (AMS) was in the process of renewing its contract with its biggest client. If successful, AMS would be responsible for maintaining an extensive cache of aids. The contract obliged AMS to have the best and latest asset management software available. For this reason, it had be agile enough to adapt to handle growing requirements and mobile capabilities.

While AMS had previously been using an older version of Maximo, BPD Zenith recommended an update to version 7.5 to allow AMS to automate all aspects of maintenance operations. MaxiCloud for Ports was the best option because it lowered the entry cost and relieved the IT department of upgrading and supporting the product.


  • Greater reporting efficiencies via automation
  • Smarter operations via predictive analytics
  • Real time weather and tidal data to empower qualified decision making
  • Improved productivity through better, simpler and more adaptive planning and scheduling
  • Enthusiastic users – excited by the refreshed Maxiom 7.5 functionality
  • Enhanced and accurate field work mobility – reducing fixed sites from 6 to 3
  • Increased capacity of the IT department and administrative efficiencies – saving the IT Manager 4 to 5 hours a month with BPD Zenith managing 99.9% of technical support issues
  • Greater integration with external applications such as the AMS financial system to meet future business drivers

“The migration to the cloud and deployment wasn’t nearly as complicated as I thought it was going to be … and our users were really excited about using the new version of Maximo.”

– Matt Lyons, IT manager, Australian Maritime Services

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