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BPD Zenith talks about the value of MaxiCloud for improving asset health and optimising operations

We all know that if equipment goes down, it can significantly disrupt production and the bottom line. So, we take a look at how MaxiCloud is helping to improve asset health and optimise operations.

Business Challenges

Asset-centric industries face a complex set of market dynamics and emerging disruptive forces. Many of these businesses will use dedicated asset management systems to manage their plants and equipment for competitive advantage. However, with information and people working in silos, and limited in-house resources it can be difficult to analyse data that is collected. There has not been the ability to provide a holistic view of operations across the facilities and multiple sites.

Traditional operators are thereby missing a major opportunity to capitalise on the investments made in these assets. It is critical that they are well maintained and performing efficiently as businesses rely upon them to make money. If anything goes down, the bottom line is affected. This is where MaxiCloud can help. If you’re looking to get more value from your asset management system, then there’s hope in a smarter approach. MaxiCloud provides all the tools you need to harness the power of your data. By consolidating systems and integrating to others, we can provide a holistic view of your asset health to improve work processes, optimise your operations and make more informed decisions.

Challenges Faced by Today’s Asset-Centric Industries

  • Disconnected data, applications and processes across the entire enterprise – assets, sites, locations
  • Poor asset visibility and control – as a result, not knowing if you are compliant
  • Unpredictable demand patterns for inventory and spare parts levels which leads to reactive and ad-hoc purchasing
  • “The great crew change” resulting in the loss of institutional knowledge
  • Lack of planning and scheduling – based on criticality and available resources
  • Costly and unnecessary routine maintenance and work allocation
  • Unplanned downtime and emergency repairs

The advent of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

With the emergence of the IIoT, Big Data, and Predictive Analytics, asset-centric sectors turn to cloud computing to lay the groundwork for large volumes of data. With an ever-increasing range of instrumented, interconnected and intelligent assets, there is bucket-loads of data all over your facilities, devices, and assets. Some good data and some bad data – all of which is completely useless unless you know how to find what matters among it.

How can we help?

Supporting the operational excellence of your assets is the basis of MaxiCloud. It leverages best-of-breed enterprise asset management (EAM) software with the power of analytics. The MaxiCloud platform brings all these capabilities together to drive more value for your maintenance strategy. Its open architecture, advanced analytics capability, ease of integration, and built in smarts, enables you to begin to turn that data into actionable insights.

As a result of these asset insights, advanced strategies can be developed to further improve the asset health. This includes extending their lifecycle and revenue generating capability, and minimising the large Capital Investments required when assets have failed dramatically due to our lack of listening. Coupled with a rapid deployment methodology, you can start your smarter operations journey quickly and aligned with industry best practice.

Typical Business Outcomes

  • Labour utilisation ↑ 10-20%
  • Asset utilisation ↑ 3-5%
  • Warranty recoveries ↑ 10-50%
  • Equipment purchases ↓ 3-5%
  • Inventory needs ↓ 20-30%
  • Inventory carrying costs ↓ 5-10%
  • Material costs ↓ 5-10%
  • Purchasing labour ↓ 10-50%

Smart businesses are full of smart people who are listening to all the different ways they can improve collaboration between asset performance, operations and maintenance. MaxiCloud is the first step on your asset management continuous improvement journey, improved financial position and reduced risk profile.

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