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Latest & Greatest

Rapidly deploy new functionalities to optimise your asset operations and business processes. Let us streamline your path to Maximo 7.6 including feature packs and updates, with little to no downtime.

Maximo Experts On Hand

Focus on what you do best with a fully managed service and quick user adoption. Redirect resources for DB, system, and network admins to other projects while reducing your internal support and infrastructure costs.

Industry Solutions

MaxiCloud is prebuilt with industry best practices and enhancements. With over 20 years of hands on experience, we have tried and tested solutions to your asset management challenges.

What can MaxiCloud do for me?

  • Achieve a standardised way of working across your entire organisation
  • Capture important and accurate asset data for informed business insights
  • Climb the maintenance ladder from a reactive to a proactive strategy
  • Automate and streamline your manual processes
  • Record which assets fail and understand why
  • Manage and plan the work performed on a regular schedule
  • Specify the right resources required to complete maintenance
  • Track and optimise labour and maintenance costs
  • Manage inventory, spares, customers and suppliers
  • Add advanced Maximo functionality for your industry

Your place or ours?

We offer both SaaS and hosting solutions to meet your business needs and industry requirements.

If you are looking for a flexible and reliable system, and would like to free up time, resources and budget in your business, MaxiCloud offers a SaaS solution. This removes the need to manage Maximo in house and can be rapidly deployed by our team of experts.

If you are a larger organisation with a specialist IT department, hosting solutions are available. MaxiCloud can be deployed in-house, giving you complete control over your network security and upgrade path.

Scalable solution that grows with your business

MaxiCloud is ready to analyse data from your assets when your business is ready. Whether you are responsible for a small or large portfolio of assets, your system can be scaled up or down in line with your usage and workload. Add new projects, divisions, assets, locations and user bases as quickly as required. This way, you reduce audit risk and compliance issues by having a licensing structure that matches your usage patterns.




Cloud Security

Placing your Maximo data in the cloud does not require a security trade-off! In reality, most organisations do not have the means and tools to establish the appropriate security controls internally. You may even benefit from the security built into MaxiCloud such as our ISO and Cyber Essentials certified Data Centres.

Cloud and Proud

“Well, I just had a great night’s sleep because BPD do a great job of managing MaxiCloud and I don’t have to worry about it anymore!”

Matt Lyons, IT Manager Australian Maritime Systems

“The decision to opt for MaxiCloud was straightforward. As an organization we are focused on power production and not IT. Maximo is a specialism we would sooner leave to the experts, BPD Zenith.”

Graham Daws, Production Manager London Array

“With BPD Zenith managing Maximo, it is saving me personally 4 to 5 hours a month and probably 99.9% of the time they are handling technical support issues that we don’t have the skills or capacity to handle.”

Matt Lyons, IT Manager Australian Maritime Systems

“MaxiCloud allowed us to take advantage of all the benefits of an EAM solution and put our business in a stronger, more competitive position for years to come – without the need to hire additional support resources to manage it all.”

Bob Smillie, Maintenance Manager Port Otago Limited

You’re in Safe Hands

BPD Zenith are your local Asset Management leaders with a global vision. We care about our profession, our people and our partnerships. We pride ourselves on doing what is right and we owe our success to this honest approach. We strive to be the leading Maximo cloud innovator; helping you to navigate this new age of cognitive data to optimise your business. 

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